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Is my certification good for. . . ?

Dummies on the Run certifies through ECSI - Emergency Care and Safety Institute.  It is an international certification, which is based on the scientific guidelines and protocols used by the American Heart Association (AHA) 2015 Guidelines, (ILCOR) International Liaison Committee on Resuscitation 2015 Guidelines and (ECC) Emergency Cardiac Care 2015 Scientific Guidelines (AHA).  In Michigan, it is approved for any agency regulated by LARA - including Child and Adult Care licensing, dental and medical board certifications and Michigan teachers certification to name a few.  If you want to see this on the LARA website, follow these links:

Approved CPR providers,4601,7-154-89334_63294_5529_49572_49583-82382--,00.html

Scroll down to Emergency Care and safety Institute

Click on find an Education Center

Fill in the data and Scroll down to see Dummies on the Run/Jerry Buffman

If you have any questions, just give a call 734.995.4693 Thanks!

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