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CPR Class Options

Options for classes to fit your needs


Virtual Class on Zoom

I think everyone would feel safer not coming to a cpr class in person. Me too!   We are totally ready to do any class as a virtual class - not an "online" one which is not acceptable for some accrediting agencies.  The difference is that this is a live class - you ask and answer questions, listen to the lectures, You practice CPR - I demonstrate, watch and critique.  You complete a skill check. You can do it in your living room floor or at work if your company is still working - on your smart phone tablet or computer.  Now is a great time to get this done while we are all staying at home.  Give a call and we'll set you up!  The only thing you will be missing is exposure to coronavirus!!   This is our default class at this point.  We do the same exact lectures and practices and skill checks that we do in person.  Upon successful completion, you receive a 1 or 2 year certification.   Here is the recommendation for adult and child care licensing:

CPR Certification Skills Assessment


To: Child Care Providers

From: Michigan Dept of Licensing and Regulation


Due to the current situation with COVID-19 and difficulty with finding instructors to administer an in-person skills test for CPR certification, child care licensing will accept other than an in-person skills test as evidence of completion of the required CPR certification process under the following options:  

1) A skills test can be administered virtually (e.g., by video conferencing or by other remote method determined as an effective skills test by an approved trainer).  A trainer might send a CPR manikin to the training participant to accomplish the skills testing, or use another acceptable method of conducting the testing virtually.

2) Online CPR training will be accepted for child care licensing as an alternative to in-person training as long as the trainer can certify completion of the training.

3) An option exists through the Red Cross for CPR training and for the issuance of a Provisional Certification.  Child care licensing will accept a Provisional Certificate of training through the Red Cross.  The American Red Cross is offering a one-year Provisional Certification course to meet the needs of people during these challenging times.  Participants can purchase the online course, and upon successful completion, receive a one-year Provisional Certification.  The participant then has to complete the in-person skills session, before the one-year period expires, in order to receive the two-year Red Cross Certificate that satisfies OSHA requirements.  The Provisional Certificate will also be accepted by child care licensing providing that the participant understands the in-person skills test must still be completed within one-year.

As always, if you have any questions, please contact your licensing consultant.  Contact information for your consultant can be found on the child care licensing website here.

Virtual class with in person skill check

You can also do the zoom class described above with an in person skill check.  If you have group of 15 or more, we will come to you.  If you have fewer than 15, you may elect to come to a skill check at a location in your area.  With Covid still a huge threat, we are very selective about this option.  CPR class is just not worth getting Covid.

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